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Tenby, Legrand Electric U.K.

Tenby, U.K.

Wiring accessories

Legrand Electric, France                 

Legrand Electric, France                         Download Catalogue (4.7 MB pdf) 

Industrial plugs & sockets, cable ties, RCCBs, RCBOs, MCCBs, MCBs, weatherproof PVC enclosures, wiring terminals, fuses, cable markers, wiring accessories, waterproof bulkhead fittings, PVC cable trunking, supply busbars, PVC glands, PVC corrugated pipes

Domino Lighting, Italy

Domino Lighting, Italy                                                                        Download Catalogue (2.5 MB pdf) 

Fluorescent fittings, lamps, metal halide fittings, down light fittings, weatherproof bulkhead fittings, control gear, high-bay fittings etc.

Reiz Electrocontrols, India 

Reiz Electrocontrols, India                                                                                Go to online catalogue 

Halogen, metal halide and compact fluoroscent downlight fittings, low voltage track fittings, fountain lights, fluoroscent fittings, flexible xenon lights, waterproof outdoor fittings, controlgear and dimmers

RR Kabel, India                   

Ram Ratna Group, India

Flexible and control cables, single core wires, single core stranded wires

General Electric, U.S.A.                   

GE Lighting

Various types of lamps

Vossloh Schwabe, Germany                   

Vossloh Schwabe, Germany

All types of ballasts, igniters and capacitors

EYE Iwasaki Lighting, Japan                   

EYE Iwasaki Lighting, Japan

Halogen, mercury, metal halide, and special lamps

Fuji Electric, Japan

Fuji Electric, Japan                 

Contactors, motor starters, relays, ELRs, overloads, MCCBs

Cellpack, Germany                   

Cellpack, Germany                                                                           Download Catalogue (210 KB pdf) 

Cable Joints and heat shrink sleeves

Siemens, Germany                 

Siemens A.G., Germany

Contactors, overload relays, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs, motor protection circuit breakers, timers

Manumag, Spain                   

Manumag S.L., Spain

Transformers and stabilizers

PC Electric, Austria                   

PC Electric, Austria

Industrial plugs & sockets

Kistenmacher, Germany

A.G. Kistenmacher, Germany

Hydraulic crimping tools and cable cutters, porcelain and bakelite connectors, steel and PVC draw-in tapes, drill bits, float switches, extension reels, telephone connectors, immersion heaters, niozed fuses, diozed fuses, cylindrical fuses, knife fuses, testers, steel & PVC glands, control and rubber cables

HKL, Germany                   

HKL, Germany

PVC Connectors and cable glands

Furse, U.K.                   

W.J. Furse, U.K.

Earthing/grounding materials

Crompton Greaves, India                 

Crompton Greaves, India

Fuses, push buttons, indicator lamps, rail terminals, voltmeters, ammeters, industrial fans, micro switches, toggle switches, cam switches, timers

I.D.E., Spain                   

I Division Electronica, Spain

PVC weatherproof enclosures, industrial sockets & plugs

Calter, India                   

Calter, India

Cable lugs, cable glands, earthing material

Schrack, Austria                 

Schrack, Austria

MCBs, relays, motor breaker MCBs

Palazzoli, Italy                 

Palazzoli, Italy

Industrial sockets & plugs, special boxes, connectors, glands etc.

Hioki, Japan                 

Hioki, Japan

Analog & digitals multimeters, testing meters

Tamlite Lighting, U.K.                   

Tamlite Lighting, U.K.

Fluoroscent fittings, bulkhead fittings

Larsen & Toubro, India

Larsen & Toubro, India

MCCBs, motor starters, relays

Telergon, Spain                   

Telergon, Spain                                                               Download Catalogue (800 KB pdf) 

Changeover switches and isolators

Broyce Control, U.K.

Broyce Control, U.K.                   

Relays, timers, phase failure relays, hours run meters

Brennestuhl, Germany

Brennenstuhl, Germany                   

Extension reels, hand lamps, plug-in timers, halogen tripod fittings

Rishabh Instruments, India

Rishabh Instruments, India                                                             Download Catalogue (1.9 MB pdf) 

Digital multimeters, panel meters, insulation testers

Taiwan products:

Insulated terminals - ring type, spade type, male & female disconnect, closed end connectors, splice connectors, cord end connectors, cap connectors

Indication lamps, push buttons, emergency switches, toggle switches, selector switches, busbar supports, hand & hydraulic crimping tools, hydraulic punch cutters, cable markers, PVC cable glands, cable ties, spirals, wiring ducts, PVC slotted trunkings, PVC flexible corrugated pipes etc.



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